Monday, 23 May 2011

30-6-2011: Save Hand aufs Herz - the heart must keep beating!

This blogpost is meant for ALL HaH fans (not only Jemmamaniacs :) ) to inform about actions to save HaH.
Everyone is very welcome to post any new infos about actions here in the comments. As not everyone is on Facebook, we would especially appreciate any news concerning the Facebook groups actions and how to take part if you are not on Facebook.
However we would like to ask you a few things:
1) Please write in english (if you aren‘t able to do so, maybe you can find a kind other HaH fan - or ask us)
2) Please be as precise and short as possible
3) Only add new informations
- so this post stays as clear as possible
and all not German speaking fans can have an overview about what is going on.

Thanks a lot! Three cheers to all of you dear HaHe fans, who keep fighting! Good Luck to all of us ;)

Btw. JemmaInternational has also a good overview about the most important actions in English and German  here: