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What do you need? // Was brauchst du? // Di cosa hai bisogno? // De quoi avez-vous besoin?


What is this? // Was ist das? // Che cos'è? // Qu'est ce que c'est?

GFSubtitle Player (Win) and Srt Viewer (Mac) are two small utility that can play .SRT files in a partially transparent window which can be laid over a video player.

GFSubtitle Player (Win) and Srt Viewer (Mac) sind zwei kleine Dienstprogramme, die SRT-Dateien in einem teilweise transparenten Fenster, die über einen Video-Player gelegt werden können, spielen können.

GFSubtitle Player (Win) and Srt Viewer (Mac) sono due utiliy per mandare in esecuzione file .SRT in una finestra semi trasparente sovrapponibile a un video player. 

GFSubtitle Player (Win) et Srt Viewer (Mac) sont deux programmes qui permettent de visualiser des fichiers .SRT dans une fenêtre semi transparent qui peut être placé au dessus d'une vidéo.

How does Greenfish work? // Wie funktioniert Greenfish? // Come funziona Greenfish? // Comment fonctionne Greenfish?

How does Srt Viewer work? // Wie funktioniert Srt Viewer? // Come funziona Srt Viewer? // Comment fontionne Srt Viewer?


You need to go "srtViewer" in the top menu and select preferences. And choose:
  • "Unicode (UTF-8)" for the Encoding Type.
  • "CR/LF (Windows)" for the Return Code to play UTF-8 srt.
  • The color you want for the Subtitle Color.

Thanks to Maxine, Gayle and Helen, who found the solution for Mac users!!!

Update (12.06.2011): If you have any problem with the mac version try this one, it's working for me (Thanks to the user Piribip)